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"Gorgeous, highly colourful and beautifully designed apple case labels promoting the Australian apple industry from the early to mid 20th century were the inspiration for the definitive book on the industry. The book, 'The Art of Apple Branding', had its genesis in the art rooms at the Tasmanian School of Art way back in 1979. With the help of now deceased Ray Harrison, a Tasmanian collector of a huge number of apple and other fruit labels, authors Chris Cowles and David Walker began their own collecting as the book was researched.
The labels noted the type, grade and size of apple, where it was grown and who the exporter was. In their heyday, the labels were printed in their thousands and were pasted on the end of wooden boxes for export. Apart from the labels David and Chris have a genuine apple box with the original label displayed on the end of it. The label is from the 1930s. The blue label denotes a special grade and on the side of the box is a stencil from the company owner.Chris and David believe they have found an example of every label that was made in Australia. They identified 749 different designs, with 4 or 5 known to exist, such as the Black Cockatoo brand, but the labels have never been found. Since publishing the book, no-one has brought forward examples of labels that aren’t in the book; the two collectors believe they have documented the lot. So, if anyone has a label that’s not in the book, David and Chris would dearly love to hear about it. It is rare that a collection in its entirety has ended up in a substantial publication. It’s a wonderful reference book documenting a very important part of Australia’s 20th century production history; apples were the biggest of the fruit production in Australia and employed thousands of seasonal and full-time people including growers, pickers, graders, packers and artists, such as well-known poster artist James Northfield, who created many of the posters which promoted the Australian apple industry. Anything pertinent to the apple industry is fair game for the duo collectors. Their collection also includes branding stamps and other apple memorabilia.
Ultimately Chris and David would like the collection to go to the National Library of Australia".


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