Welcome to the best book on Apple branding Ever!

This highly collectable publication is for art directors, designers, printers, historians, sociologists and all those interested in our apple industry.

The Art of Apple Branding: Australian apple case labels and the industry since 1788 is the only book of its type to chart how Australian agricultural produce has been sold to the former British Empire and beyond.Colourful paper labels were used to create an identity and, when glued onto wooden boxes, they remained the dominant visual clue about the perishable contents marketed to the wholesalers in local markets and far-flung lands.

Memories were long and reputations were made and lost on the quality of the produce represented by these examples of ‘industrial folk art’. 

As seen on ABC TV Collectors program, click image below to view the video.

To order the publication or contact the authors:
Email: info@applesfromoz.com
Telephone: +61 (0)3 6253 5250

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